Why is Marra Forni the Most Badass Pizza Oven Out There?

Posted by E3 Commercial Kitchen Solutions on Jul 23, 2019 10:32:49 AM


The pizza industry has been a staple of the foodservice industry for a long time with no signs of slowing down. According to The 2019 Pizza Power Report from PMQ Pizza Magazine, the U.S. experienced $45.7 billion in sales last year amongst 75,000+ pizzerias — that’s nearly a 20% increase since 2015. And although fast casual pizza chains have cooled off since their big boom a couple of years ago, the concept of fresh, quality ingredients at a reasonable price in a flash is still what people want.

That being said, in a saturated sector like pizza, operators have to be creative and forward-thinking in order to not only keep up with the youthful consumer demands that dominate their market, but to not cut into profits in the process. That’s why the folks at Marra Forni and their innovative rotating deck pizza ovens have taken care of the hard part for you — all you have to do is make the pies.

They’re not the only Italian handcrafted brick oven on the market and they know it. That’s why these guys took their product to the next level of innovation creating uncharted equipment categories along the way.

So, what makes Marra Forni the fastest growing manufacturer of handcrafted brick ovens in the game?


Fine Quality Materials. Handcrafted Perfection. Made in the U.S.A.

Well, for starters, the co-founding brothers are born & bred Italian stallions — they know everything there is to know about what goes into cooking up some pizza pies. Utilizing their knowledge of traditional methods they’ve built these bad boys with the best heat-absorbing and heat-retaining Sorrento refractory bricks for the walls and the rotating deck. Just to give you an idea of what kind of heat we’re talking about, their electric brick oven cranks up to 1000 °F and efficiently holds that heat.

But most importantly, as much Italian blood that these pizza ovens have coursing through their veins, they’re built from the ground up in Beltsville, Maryland right here on the East Coast.

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The "Easy Button" of Brick Ovens

Outfitted with the most high-tech standard features you can find on the market there isn’t much these brick ovens can’t handle. From their rotating deck, Turbo Burners and Integral Exhaust System to their user-friendly, error-reducing programmable touchscreen, bring automation to your kitchen making your life and the life of your staff easy as [pizza] pie. Can you smell the labor saving costs?

You have the ability to control every aspect of these ovens down to exact temperature the rocket launch-type burners put off. Toppings coming out a little too crispy? Adjust the speed of the rotating deck. Managing chef taking a week-long vacation? Program and store your recipes, so anyone can man the oven. Did we mention the Marra Forni ovens can cook a pizza in less than 45 seconds? The only thing you have to worry about is what to do with your extra free time.


Custom. Custom. Custom.

The beauty of handcrafted equipment is giving users the ability to fine-tune and create something personalized to their needs. Aside from choosing your combustion (wood, natural gas, propane, electric, or a combination) Marra Forni gives you the freedom to pick and choose features or add on extras because they believe their brick ovens should be tailor-made to your kitchen, from the inside out.

As important as performance is to drive the success of your kitchen, Marra Forni wants aesthetic to be right there with it in the passenger seat. They want you to show off your prized pizza oven to the whole world as the centerpiece to your kitchen/restaurant. Take advantage of the Instagram-able custom tiling design to make your oven more than just an oven — it’s an extension of your brand.

There’s a reason why Marra Forni has risen to the top of the ranks at lightning speed.

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