Meet Sally the Salad Robot - the future of foodservice.

Posted by E3 Commercial Kitchen Solutions on Jul 17, 2018 1:56:36 PM


Rising wages. Keeping prices low. Maintaining quality. Seeing real ROI. These are all prime reasons why automated technology and machines have become such a competing force in the commercial foodservice industry. Operators are turning to technology for nearly every aspect of the foodservice process - from the back of the house to the front.

One of the hottest items to reach the commercial foodservice equipment industry that is going to set the standard for automation is Sally the Salad Robot from Chowbotics. A brand new addition to E3 Commercial Kitchen Solutions, Chowbotics and their innovative technology is bringing ordering power like none other to the consumer.

We caught up with Shelley Janes, Director of Sales for Chowbotics, at the first official unveiling of Sally the Salad Robot during the 2018 NRA Show, and it was the talk of the show! Watch our exclusive demonstration below:


What applications will Sally the Salad Robot thrive?

Honestly, the easier question to answer might be, "what sort of applications won't Sally thrive in?" - because there isn't an environment where she won't shine. 

A quick and easy go-to for people fighting the clock to get to where they need to go next and require something fast. Take your pick from tons of pre-programmed 7-component, chef-inspired salads or build-your-own with over 1,000 made-to-order salad combinations at the touch of a button. This is speed and customization at its finest.

Not only is the use and care easy as cake, but the already available chef-inspired salad menu means there is no need for a culinary expert on staff. Just slice & dice  the necessary ingredients, fill up as many of the 22 ingredient canisters as you desire and watch the smiles on your customers' faces.

The 30" x 30" footprint makes Sally very versatile and space-friendly. Don't get us wrong - we ADORE a beautiful refrigerated prep table solution. But, when your operation doesn't allow for the staff, money or space then this salad-making phenom is the answer. You have everything you need to create the freshest salads, 24/7, while cutting down the food waste that comes along with the traditional set up.

Um, hello, ROI!

Sally is leading the march of what's to come of the digital and robotics age. It's the first of its kind in our industry, but packs a massive punch for food automation and customization. No more 7-day old pre-packaged sandwiches from the vending machine. Get ready to experience the future of made-to-order meals!

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This month we're taking a dive into the world of foodservice robotics and automationVarious forces (i.e. rising wages) in the foodservice industry are pressuring companies to seek alternatives to the old ways of doing things in order to not sacrifice the quality of the products they're serving. This is where technology and machines are taking charge!

We love technology, and as our industry is beginning to truly make waves in that realm it makes it a very exciting time for all of us. We're going to show you just what technology they're turning to and how they're using them! Stick with us this month for more tech-driven content!


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