Benefits of Energy Efficient Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Posted by E3 Commercial Kitchen Solutions on Aug 11, 2017 11:30:03 AM


Grease. It’s a favorite among movie buffs but a detriment for foodservice operators. And the number one cause for grease in commercial kitchens is inadequate air circulation. But that’s not the only consequence.

Increased air pollutants, equipment downtime, and an overall uncomfortable work environment can all be factors of a foodservice operation with inefficient ventilation. It not only hurts your kitchen staff, it can affect your bottom line.

You wouldn’t want to work in a confined space with poor air quality for 8-10 hours a day. And neither should your kitchen staff. Here are a few reasons why you should consider an upgrade to your commercial kitchen exhaust system.

Increased Productivity

Whether you operate a large cafeteria or a small restaurant, the kitchen staff is the lifeblood of your operation. Proper air flow can lead to a more productive workforce. How? With a ventilation system that operates quietly with less air volume and reduced turbulence, the entire kitchen staff can effectively communicate and maintain a streamlined, efficient workflow.

Environmentally Friendly

Cleaner air means a cleaner kitchen. An energy-efficient ventilation system captures more pollutants while also using less energy. That benefits your food, your kitchen staff, and your planet. With tougher environmental standards put in place, commercial foodservice operations find themselves looking for new solutions to save on energy now more than ever.


Not only does an energy-efficient kitchen ventilation system cut down on energy costs, it can reduce installation costs and operating costs. A design with smaller fans, duct work, and an on-demand system that adjusts based on the load of the cooking equipment and process all put money back in the operator’s pocket.  So the question you may have now is, “Does a system that provides the means to fresh air like this exist?”

Meet the EcoArch from Avtec.

The EcoArch is the most energy-efficient, operations-friendly hood on the market. Boasting a sophisticated arch design and a front-mounted exhaust, it not only provides maximum performance but reduces energy costs for foodservice operations. And it’s ideal for nearly any commercial kitchen, from a dining hall kitchen to a steakhouse.

Head into the kitchen and see how one steakhouse benefits from the EcoArch in the video below:


A cleaner kitchen starts with better ventilation.

Discover how commercial kitchen exhaust hoods not only make working in the kitchen easier, they make it safer too. Download Avtec’s Guide to Kitchen Hood Grease Removal and learn about the dangers of kitchen hood grease and the most efficient methods to degrease your commercial kitchen.

 Learn more about the dangers of kitchen grease and the benefits of energy efficient kitchen ventilation systems

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